Monday, March 18, 2013


The woman pictured below is Hilda Peacock.

She runs a school in India that is well known and esteemed. She is both the head mistress and teacher, and she's spent her life in education. Some students pay very large amounts of money to attend the boarding school well-known for fine teaching.

And other children pay almost nothing, their education underwritten by sponsors worldwide. These children, with dark Indian skin and light blue Anglo eyes are a cast-off class, sullied by relations between British colonizer and native Indians. In a society where caste orders all, these children don't even have a caste to call their own. But in this school, their life needs are met, their educational needs are met. And education offers hope for the future for these children. Education is their opportunity to get out of their unclassified life.

Mrs. Peacock is past retirement age. In fact she came out of retirement to take this job. She was not the first professional we met in India who had chosen to give up a season of leadership to do good work for people with need.

Mrs. Peacock knows that a good education is key to a better life. She is lifting children out of desperation toward something better.

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