Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alone...Friday's Post

I love the story of Mary lavishing nard of Christ's feet. Can you imagine the horror of those in the room? And then Judas' outrage is met by a young rabbis admonishment. Leave her alone.

These hands were installed in the museum at the Gandhi Smirti in Delhi. I was racing through, snapping pictures quickly as a guide rushed us around before the museum closed for the evening. I confess I didn't catch the interpretive purpose of their installation. But the are such a compelling sight - open hands outstretched, a gesture of receiving or of giving...or both.

I know that I receive a great deal when I share and give. It's not why I do it, but it is an outcome. I hope that I can continue to share myself, my time, my gifts, the things I have with the whole world. And I hope I am able to receive openly and gratefully what is given - giving and receiving are a basis for relationship. Hospitality is an act of love.

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