Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Meet Charlie and Nan. This picture was taken at our wedding in January 2009 at Kittamaqundi Community Church, where we had met them two years earlier.

Charlie and Nan loved one another devotedly. And they loved Matt and me and Brook, Emma and Paige. They loved every visitor and newcomer at KC. They loved their children scattered across the country in wildly varying lives.

And they were loved. We loved them deeply.

In the midst of adult life, we don't always find people outside our bloodlines who will embrace us, forgive us, wipe our tears and call us beloved.

Charlie died of pancreatic cancer in February 2011 within days of the first anniversary of my dad's death. Nan joined him beyond this earthly life in November 2012. She was tired of being alone, ready to be with her beloved Charlie again.

Charlie and Nan shared their faith boldly. They shared themselves boldly. They were life-changing souls.

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