Sunday, March 24, 2013


This is a novice doing laundry in the Mother House where Mother Theresa served in Kolkata. I was standing on a landing outside of the modest room in which Mother Theresa slept and attended to the business of the Sisters. As I turned to leave, this young woman caught my eye. She was much younger than other sisters milling about. She looked American or European. Her work was modest, washing the Sisters of Charity hallmark saris.

The Mother House was quiet and had a constant hum of activity that went on around the tourists and pilgrims coming and going.

The choice of radical service and simplicity seems so foreign to my Western brain. And yet, deep down, I could sense the abiding peace in this place...a profound dependence on God, a commitment to love and serve the least and the lost. Blessed are the pure of heart...

I pray to find such blessings.

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