Monday, March 11, 2013


The real question for this post is "what nourishes you?" And I thought and meditated and pondered.

And here is what I uncovered. For 8 years, seminary studies have nourished me. And when I am being completely honest with myself, when I let my guard down and let the truth go, I am worried that what nourishes me is slipping away with graduation.

Now, I know it's not grades and classes per se, but exploration, engagement, interaction, learning. And certainly the process of pursuing a degree provided a structure and motivation.

And I love teaching as much as I love being a student, so maybe one task replaces another. Time will tell.

I am grateful for the recognition and awareness of this nourishing leg of the journey. And I am just plain grateful for the journey, the bumps in the road, the chaos, the revelation, and the unfolding...always for the unfolding.

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