Thursday, March 28, 2013


Life is seldom easy. There are seasons of challenge, when no matter what we do, we just can't catch a break. Like quicksand, the harder we try to for ourselves, the more stuck we get.

While we were at Niagara Falls, I was enchanted by he power of the water. I mean, water tumbling hundreds of feet is powerful. But I think the scarier part for me was the rapids on the river for the mile approach to the falls. There is something about the way energy builds, slowly at first. Moving faster and faster, the wide expanse tumbles over rocks (boulders) and begins to roar. As velocity builds, the roar becomes thunderous.

When life is crazy, when the thunder is building, sometimes all I can do is cry out...ask for help...ask for God to step into the gap, to be present, to take the hits,mor at the very least, to tuck me under a protective wing. To be help in a time of great need...

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