Monday, March 11, 2013


I am embarrassed that my favorite pictures for this prompt were all of food...because I love the variety of food in life, I love making beautiful food, I love feeding people. It just makes me happy.

I knew that in India, I would encounter new and amazing food. I also knew that I would encounter new and amazing people. I would have amazing conversations. I would see amazing things.

So combine food with all of the rest of that -- happy, happy, happy.

This is a shot of dinner at an amazing Bengalese restaurant called Kewpie's in Kolkata. Kojari Peacock arranged with the owner, who writes cookbooks, a beautiful multi-course traditional Bengali meal.

The feast was sumptuous, but even better, the company and conversation were amazing. The dishes were all made of clay - disposable and biodegradable. The aperitif was an amazing fresh mango drink, a concoction of roasted green mango and cumin. There were vegetarian dishes, fish and shrimp, sauce upon complex sauce. Spicy, sweet, rich.

I don't need a spread like that often, but I love good food paired with good people and conversation.

Life is good. And it makes me very happy.

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