Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing on to perfection...a Lenten discipline

While I was in India, I rediscovered my writing muscles. Like so many muscles, they are subject to atrophy when not used. After trying to blog about the lectionaries weekly while being a student, being a parent, being a new wife, buying a house, having a career, getting a church job ... You get the picture. I haven't exercised my writing muscle very much or very well. One of the gifts of my travel was the freedom from life distractions so that I could give time and brain space to the work of words. And in the process, I found a cleanness, a refreshed spirit, a sharper view of the world.

As Lent approaches, I find myself casting about for a Lenten discipline. I grew up in a largely catholic community where there was a whole lot of giving things up for Lent while enjoying the feast of "Little Easters" when you could indulge on Sunday. Thanks to the Pope's resignation, my Ash Wednesday lens is sort of focused on how we live in our mortality, knowing we return to dust.
All of this against my Wesleyan backdrop where I ponder sanctification - going on to perfection - has brought me to this idea. Maybe during Lent, I need a writing discipline. The trick will be to keep it out of the realm of naval gazing (yawn) and to keep it from being too trite (gah!) and to keep myself from being too picky (because then I just won't write).

I kind of like the idea of writing being a discipline that helps me go on to perfection!

One idea would be to ask others for writing prompts. Another would be to reflect on where I see God at work each day. Another thought would be to pick one picture from India each day to write about. ( hmmm...I really like that one! ) Do you have other ideas? I would love to hear them. Obviously the idea is half-baked...and Ash Wednesday's just around the corner! Help a girl out!!

Ready, set, recommend!

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