Saturday, February 23, 2013


This is Paige on vacation in Western New York a couple of summers ago. We rented a fabulous home on Trout Lake and spent the week sitting by the water, watching the sun rise and fall, swimming, fishing (not catching), reading, paddling, talking, laughing.

I love Paige's passion for the world around her. What does one do with a diving dock and a crystal clear lake? Seize the day and take the running leap. Grab life. Live out loud. Squeal. Laugh. Splash.

As I look through the pictures from this trip, I ponder how much easier it is for me to feel alive apart from he daily grind. I'd like to be more liberated than that, to feel the fun energy of grabbing life with both hands every day.

God, help me to LIVE into moments as they show up...

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