Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This beautiful little girl was born with club foot, a physical deformity that makes walking difficult and carries a significant stigma in the society. In India, little girls born with club foot may be drowned as infants rather than bring shame and burden to their family.

While in India, we met Dr. Santosh George who directs a network of clinics throughout the continent where children are treated with a series of casts and corrective shoes. Correction is 100% effective if children receive regular treatment and follow up.

This little girl was born into a brave and loving family that is committed to her treatment. On this day, her mother shared very sad news. Her husband had died suddenly and unexpectedly, the result of an adverse reaction to antibiotics he was given for an infection. The mother might have been 18. She was clearly completely enthrall end with her little girl. She was accompanied to the clinic by her deceased husband's brother. The whole family is committed to this mother and daughter. Mom has high hopes for her daughter's recovery. When asked what she hoped for her daughter, between shy giggles and a blush, she said she hoped her daughter would become a doctor to help people the way she was being helped.

In the midst of what was clearly a difficult season, there was love coursing through these lives. You could hear hope and joy layered with the grief and anxiety. You could hear the pride. You could hear the vision amidst the uncertainty. You could hear faith alongside doubt.

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