Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spirit... are the air I breathe...

I have been enchanted - completely taken in by - the ocean since a first vacation on Cape Hatteras in 1998. Matt has asked me what it is about the ocean that I love so much, and I find the answer very hard to give.

But when I stop and think about what I do on the seaside, I sit and watch and breathe and listen. Waves rise and fall, dragging across a million glittering, singing pebbles. The ocean comes and goes, expands and contracts, wraps itself around impediments...coming and going and always returning... respiration. The very breath of life coming and going, lungs rising and falling.

The Spirit is for me the very air that I breathe. The ocean is an enchanting embodiment of rhythm, of life force, of in and out. The Spirit quickens my senses and expands my worldview, my passion, my compassion. And it is everywhere.

This picture was taken on Delaware Bay, not far from Cape May, and the waves came and went among the rocks with steady rhythm and consistency while being unique with each cycle...foam, wind, water, sand and sun combined to create an ever-changing backdrop for the steady rhythm of life. are the air I breathe...

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