Sunday, February 17, 2013


The last decade has been marked by shift and upheaval. But recently it seems the mud is settling and the water is beginning to sparkle with new clarity. (It's hard to write this tonight because right at this moment it seems quite untrue, but taking the broad view...)

Matt recently posted to Facebook a celebration of having lived in one place for four years, a lifetime record for him. I take a stagnant address for mother lives in my childhood home, a home my parents moved into with my siblings before I was born on the day that JFK was assassinated.

But lately, with kids that travel back and forth between two custodial homes, settled is not a concept that rolls off my tongue when I think about daily living in the here and now.

So I am trying to celebrate the places and spaces that are consistent, solid, settled. We have a wonderful home - a sanctuary that reflects our life passions. I feel like in he past year, my call has also become a more settled place. God keeps showing up and I am better and better able to listen, to submit, to grow. I love my husband and my children. And so, despite the ebb and flow that is my somewhat unusual life, I celebrate "home," where I am settled.

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