Wednesday, February 13, 2013

who am i

So I am trying to use the Rethink Church 40 day photo devotional to walk through this season. I hope to take the appropriate photo and write about it a bit each day. Tonight, I preached at Liberty Grove, so my heart and head are a little drained. Here goes what is left (finite!).

I am a finite human being, but one who continues to grow and thrive and reach. My lotus blossom pendant helps me remember that I am unfolding in light and beauty. I hope that is true even as the life-days get shorter. Lent seems like a good time to take stock, to refocus on that which is really important, cast off things that keep me from light and truth. I am a mother, a lover, a pastor, a friend, a thinker, dreamer...a daughter, a sister, a neighbor. I am created with all that I need, and I am called to live fully into that - nothing more, nothing less. My lotus blossom needs to thrive in clean, clear water...not a clogged, polluted, stagnant pool.

I hope that I can be joyful and proud and present, curious and strong like the women we encountered in the village outside of Kolkata. As I ponder sights that breathed life and potential, that gathered council radiated warmth. They were blossoms in full tilt, drinking in light and participating in the ecology and biology of their community.

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