Monday, April 1, 2013

In Between Times

Can we arrive at end times never knowing how to live in the in-between well?

In class today, we were talking about the church, about what it should be. We seem remarkably able to speak about how to do it well, right, better, different.

I find myself becoming more and more impatient with this conversation. In the grand scheme of things, it seems easy to "should" all over the church. And yes, we need vision because without vision, the people perish. But it would seem we also need some work in the practical skills that move us "on to perfection."

This seems like a pretty good Eastertide conversation. I we are between the resurrection and end-times, some 2000 years later, still trying to interpret the parables and hopefully get it right.

Do we want to get it right? Or are we afraid of what might happen if we do? Do we have enough faith in God to trust that there is a better way? A kinder existence?

How do we love people more and judge people less? How do we let go of our earthly connections to free up resources, live simply so others may simply live? Rely on our creativity to find joy rather than expecting to be entertained?

I want to experiment in the next year with moving practically forward, where each "next step" is the right "next step." I want to help people grow toward God in practical, life-giving ways. Want to join the fun? What are the easy ways we can implement today to make the church more useful, more relevant, more outward facing, more life changing? What are the ways we can serve more, gripe less and avoid getting bogged down along the way?

I would love to hear from you. What is the next best step we can take?

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