Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Ever notice how you can only tolerate so much conflict, disagreement, difference of opinion, etc.? What is it about dissonance that is hard to bear? There have been some hours this week when the discord of life leaked over into just about all imaginable a piano untuned in a drafty, damp attic.

And yet, when life is rolling along all smooth and perfect, it seems like we can't quite tolerate that, either.

It seems like we need some balance. A lot of harmony and resolving chords spiced up with just a measure of dissonance to challenge our mindset here and there. If the parenting life is running smooth, church is humming along and the finances are good, work needs a few dramatic twists.

But if the balance is off, I feel like autocorrect kicks in and I wade into dissonance or seek out harmony like birds navigate instinctively during migration. Kind of a self-leveling ability.

This week I am trying to balance the good with the crazy, a dicey mix striving for musicality.

In Kolkata, in Victoria Gardens, the beautiful building surrounded by flowers and reflecting pools took center stage while literally 100 yards away, o. The other side of a hedge, trash was everywhere...within the park. Dissonance.

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