Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday - the balance of the day

On Monday we walked from our hotel to Bishop's College for chapel and to sit in on Phillip Peacock's lecture with second year students. He used three songs to develop a contextual understanding of the trinity. Understanding the Trinity as a monotheistic concept in a majority polytheistic society seems to present some challenges.

From there we headed to a large mall food court for lunch and quick shopping. Pantaloons, an Indian retailer was having a huge sale. There clothes were slightly more western than you see in the street markets, and the colors, fabrics, and prices were fantastic. So let the record show that if I move to India one day, I am shopping at Anohki and Pantaloons. :). Lunch was a cup of Madagascar chocolate gelato. Holy cow.

From the mall we made the long and winding drive to the village (see post entitled Once in a lifetime).

After returning from the village, we freshened up at the hotel and headed out to the Floatel, a hotel that floats on the Ganges, where we enjoyed a fantastic dinner.

Last event - a quick drive through one of Kolkata's red light districts where girls and women waited on the corners. The sex trade is not an open store front operation here as in Amsterdam or Nevada. It's more subtle, with brothels unmarked but known. Prostitution is legal here, but operating a brothel and pimping are not (that may not be 100% accurate...one of the things I need to sort through upon return). It certainly doesn't hamper this work from happening. In districts like this,Netherlands NGO Sanlaap does its work to liberate and empower under-aged girls and those who want out of the abusive trade.

It was time for a foot wash (key after any long day in India) brushed teeth, and sleep. Wednesday is a day of travel.


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