Friday, January 4, 2013

Around the World

(posted on Saturday)

It's 11:25 pm in New Delhi on January 3. I am still in the air over Pakistan. The process of getting to this point in the journey has been an adventure in itself, and we are not there yet. The leg from Heathrow to Delhi is full of new faces, languages, modes of dress. Already as a team of students we are learning to care for and watch out for one another. We have shepherded on another through security and gate changes. I endured a very personal pat-down in London. I marvel on these flights at how meal service doesn't correspond with any logical timing based on either departure or destination location. We've had "words" with seat-dwellers who have spent the flight ricocheting off our seat backs. I have been amazed by quick camaraderie and respect and enjoy the age dynamic.

The photo below is of on hand in a series of many in a sculpture at customs...amazing, but at 2 am my camera skills were sketchy at best.

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