Saturday, October 15, 2011

Created Grace

Confession:  I fell off the running wagon about two months ago.  I've avoided any intentional exercise since that time.  My excuses are many.

But today, I went to Emma's cross country meet and was inspired to return to the physcial exertion that brings me joy, that reminds me that I am alive, that fuels my low moments.  The day was too beautiful, the air to crisp NOT to run.

And so before dinner tonight, I put on my running clothes and headed out.  I'd been stiff and sore for a couple of days so I stretched indulgently, reveling in the way my muscles worked to get longer, lithe, limber.  I jogged down the drive and out onto the road.

After about 6 minutes, I wanted to drop pace.  Actually, I just wanted to walk. Surely walking was good exercise too, right?

This won't do, I told myself.  And right then, I made a commitment.  I'm going to run the entire distance. Whatever that distance is, I'm going to run the entire time.  I don't have to run fast.  I don't have to push a pace.  I do have to run. 

Because I can.  

And I did.  

Guess what?  My legs felt great.  The entire time.  

I was challenged cardiovascularly.  I guess that's to be expected.  After two months of non-activity - neither yoga nor running.  Ugh.

But as I ran, I was marveling at creation - at where grace exists, and how we are created with grace ingrained in our very muscle memory.  How magnificent is it that after running diligently for a year and a half, I can take a two month hiatus and return without being punished, that my body will remember and return to its previous state.

It's an illustration of Grace - and somehow really unique because this kind of physical grace is created as part of our magnificent God-created selves.  God made us and our bodies to be graced, graceful and grace-filled.


And Amen. God is good.