Thursday, June 27, 2013

Because people keep asking me...

Yes, the United Methodist Church currently has language in its book of discipline that condemns homosexuality as incompatible with Christian teaching.

And it is also true that a unique mark of the United Methodist Church is connection and holy conferencing. That means that we value one another enough to stay in dialogue, to explore our agreements and disagreements, to recognize the Holy Spirit is present, to invite the Holy Spirit in, to acknowledge the Christ in each person. We work to stay in connection even when we do not agree. This is how Methodism was born, how it came to America, how it has evolved and how it continues to take shape.

And so, I believe that the Spirit is present in the dialogue the United Methodist Church is having about homosexuality. To those who will point to the book of discipline for the sole purpose of naming chargeable offenses and ways of achieving absolute authority, I call foul. That's not who Christ calls us to be. That's not what John Wesley built. It's not black and white. 

There is deep division in our denomination about this issue. There is language that governs our current authorities, and there is an on-going, thoughtful, passionate and spirit led dialogue that continues. If we care for our foundations of social holiness and justice, we will keep the dialogue open. We will not exclude dissenting voices. We will respect the movement of the spirit...which we sometimes may want to label as secularism out of fear of change.

I have chosen to heed a call into this communion called United Methodism, and I have been given a voice and a heart for radically inclusive love. Here I am, send me.

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